You’ve found your way to my gallery which is divided into photos, media and press. Not wanting to make it all about work, I’ve decided to include some of my favourite personal snaps as well!

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Australian Women’s Weekly 2012

I've been photographed for Women's Weekly countless times throughout my career and it's always a pleasure! This time however was the first time that I would be shooting for them with photographer Steven Chee, a very talented snapper, with a relaxed nature and professional attitude. Despite the fact that it was winter 2012 when … read the full story »

Madison Magazine 2012

I was so excited when I learnt that I would be shooting for Madison, one of my favourite magazines. There were many highlights on this shoot. One, the photographer was Paul Westlake, who I worked with for many years on the David Jones campaigns. We have travelled the world together and shot in some … read the full story »

Cannes Film Festival (2012)

Whirlwind is the only way I can describe my trip to Cannes for the 2012 film festival. L'Oréal Paris flew me over to help celebrate with some of their other ambassadors and it was a particularly special occasion for L'Oreal as it was also marking the 15th year that they had sponsored the event. … read the full story »

InStyle Magazine 2012

While some shoots go off without a hitch, some prove to be a bit more challenging than others. First up, I was feeling pretty sick that day - never ideal when you are meant to be looking fresh, stylish, chic and sophisticated. Secondly, it was hot - really hot! The steamy, humid day did not … read the full story »

L’Oréal Paris Elvive TV Commercials

This was my first campaign for L'Oréal Paris and, while a big challenge, it was also one of the most significant and rewarding shoots I have ever done. The campaign was shot in Los Angeles in March 2011 and both the TV commercial and the photo shoot were done in three days. While that may … read the full story »

OK Magazine 2011

This year I started shooting Project Runway Australia with my good friend, designer Alex Perry. This photo shoot for OK Magazine for Project Runway threw us together for the day and it is always more play than work when Alex and I are together. His endless amount of energy, quick-witted sense of humour and … read the full story »

Madison Magazine 2011

My shoot for the August issue of Madison magazine was an amazing experience. Photographer Carlotta Moye, stylist Nicole Bonython Hines, make up artist Jody Oliver and Hair stylist Pete Lennon were all given the task of transforming me into Elizabeth Taylor. This shoot was an homage to the late, great iconic actress and the setting … read the full story »

Cosmopolitan Magazine 2010

This was the first editorial that I shot for Isola by Megan Gale and also for Cosmopolitan magazine. As always it's usually a bit strange shooting summer fashion in the middle of winter, but luckily we were hidden away from the elements and were toasty and warm in the studio. Check out the pics from … read the full story »

David Jones TV Commercials

I have shot countless TV commercials for DJ's over the years, but these five are amongst my favourites mainly due to the stunning locations. Filmed in Italy, Ireland, France, Japan and my personal favourite Tahiti, I was blessed to be able to visit these countries, take in the culture and have this footage as … read the full story »